Care and Compassion


Those suffering from HIV and AIDS often suffer from a lack of basic needs and are likely to be estranged from their families because of stigmas and an ignorance and fear of the disease. Care and Compassion provides the home based and hospital care, nutritional food support, spiritual counseling and education about HIV and AIDS those suffering from HIV and AIDS need.

At the center of the AIDS crisis, people of all ages are dying. Almost from the moment they reveal their HIV status they begin a “life” of rejection and suffering. Often because they are denied medical care and medication due to costs, HIV infected people are rejected by their own families, deemed a burden on society and left to die alone without dignity, either from AIDS-related diseases or starvation.
Christ’s Hope International’s staff steps into this situation and literally walks from house to house to feed, wash, counsel and lovingly share the life-changing message of Jesus Christ with people in need.