Become a CarePoint Champion

Christ’s Hope International has created an impactful model that is providing efficient and effective care for children affected by HIV and AIDS.

Ministry CarePoint Champions provide the seed money to launch a Ministry CarePoint in areas identified with high incident of AIDS and orphan and vulnerable children. These Ministry CarePoints are the support network empowering children to live with extended and foster families in their own communities versus institutionalisation. When a CarePoint Champion contributes at least £10,000 (paid monthly or in lump sum) it is enough funding to launch one of the dozen more Ministry CarePoints we are praying to start in the next 24 months.

Then, once a Ministry CarePoint Champion is secured and a church partner is established we seek a Church Partner from one of Mobilising Countries to advocate for families to sponsor the children in their paired Ministry CarePoint, providing sustained funding and relationship.

Christ’s Hope International offers a strategic outreach and care programme, addressing the physical, educational and spiritual needs of those that Jesus calls “the least of these.” It is a joy to present the hope of Christ to children in some of the world’s most challenging places.

For many of our children, involvement in the Ministry CarePoint is the difference between:

Spending their whole life illiterate or learning to read and write

Having a regular meal or going to bed hungry

Being stigmatized as the poor orphaned street child or having friends and feeling valued

Courting HIV infection or having the tools to say “No” to sex outside of marriage

Living in hopelessness and sin or finding life-altering hope in Jesus and become His follower in a nurturing community of believers.

Are you interested in learning more about being a CarePoint Champion? Please contact us today.