Genesis Design

“Genesis Design will take you back, right to the beginning, to hear the voice of truth…the voice of God the Almighty Creator. Genesis tells us, in the first three chapters of the Bible, exactly how God created us. In turn, Genesis Design teaches us how to create a happy home that everybody longs for.” Sylvia Holtzhausen, Genesis Design founder and creator

The global AIDS pandemic is perhaps the most dire and complicated tragedy in human history, and its ramifications are affecting our world in ways we cannot imagine. We need the hand of God to act on our behalf, and we trust that He will do so!

Genesis Design is a programme God is using to act in the midst of this tragedy. The programme teaches children and families that sexual purity comes from abstinence before marriage, and faithfulness in marriage. It is an outstanding AIDS prevention tool that gives youth a strong moral foundation on which to base their choices and lives.


Foundational truths of scripture from Genesis chapter 1-3 regarding gender, love and marriage and sex are clearly taught in Genesis Design. This teaching provides a positive view of the equal value that both male and female have as human beings, and provides the skills necessary to maintain a lifestyle of sexual fidelity.

In using Genesis Design our goal is to teach children and youth the following:

  1. Human beings have value because they are made in the image of God
  2. Males and females have equal value, regardless of their different roles and functions
  3. Sex has value because it was created by God and is the means for procreation
  4. A sexual relationship that takes place in marriage is worth waiting for

The ultimate goal of Genesis Design is to see redeemed people in good marriages, with happy families involved in successful work in an AIDS free world. Watch the video below to learn more about this important part of Christ Hope International’s programming.