Join a Team and Take a Trip!

Join a team of compassionate individuals who are choosing to give of themselves and their time to serve on the ground in the ministry of Christ’s Hope! Our short-term mission teams come from schools, our Church Partners, or other organisations. A team can be anywhere from 4-16 members who desire to use the gifts God has given them to care for AIDS affected children and families! The ideal trip duration of short-term teams are 1-2 weeks long. Each team is designed to meet the needs of the ministry while utilising the strengths and gifts of the team and individual team members, ultimately creating a mutually beneficial experience.

Teams can serve in any country where there is a Christ’s Hope Ministry CarePoint. We especially encourage teams traveling from Church Partners to serve at the Ministry CarePoint their church is partnering with. Likewise, we encourage child sponsors within those churches to go and meet their sponsored child!

Teams generally work at Ministry CarePoints, within our Care and Compassion programme, or on custom service projects created to meet specific ministry needs. In Ministry CarePoints, teams will work with our children doing a variety of activities such as facilitating camps, VBS, Bible and discipleship lessons, Genesis Design lessons, crafts, as well as tutoring and exam preparation. Teams can also work with our Care and Compassion programme which entails aiding staff members in providing basic care to patients struggling with HIV/AIDS. Custom service projects are also available as there is often work intensive project needs that can help advance the ministry.

You can fill out an application for a Christ’s Hope mission trip here.

If you have any questions about joining a team or volunteering with Christ’s Hope International, please contact us today!

Phone: 01763 208576