The Christ's Hope Model: A System Of Sustainability And Success

Every day thousands of people in Sub-Saharan Africa die because of AIDS. Children affected by HIV and AIDS are often stigmatised and marginalised by society and their communities, left to live off the streets or in overcrowded, underfunded orphanages, severed from their families.

Yet in the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus reminds us that praise will go forth from the lips of children. We care for the AIDS affected child because we believe in the value of every child, and we have seen whole families and communities come to know the saving power of Jesus Christ, starting with the soft words of a child.

To accomplish this we have created a system of sustainability comprised of three components. First, our 23 Ministry CarePoints are the locations where our work takes place. It is at the Ministry CarePoints where over 1,000 children are receiving the support required to help them break the cycles of poverty and AIDS in their lives and in the lives of their families. Second, our Care and Compassion programme provides home based and hospital care for people suffering from HIV and AIDS. Third, our Genesis Design programme helps children understand that they are made in God’s image and have inherent dignity and value as human beings.



Ministry CarePoints


Ministry CarePoints are strategically located centres that provide children with holistic care, biblical teaching, and the ability to live with extended or foster families rather than being institutionalised or living on the streets. When a child attends our Ministry CarePoint, they not only receive holistic care but are discipled by our CareGivers, enrolled in school, tutored by our CareGivers, and given access to regular medical care. Children are also taught the biblical truths of manhood, womanhood, sexuality, and marriage through our Genesis Design programme. This is all made possible and sustained through our child sponsorship programme. LEARN MORE>>


Care And Compassion


Those suffering from HIV and AIDS often suffer from a lack of basic human needs. Because of stigma, ignorance, and fear of the disease; they are likely to be estranged from their families. Care and Compassion brings healing to hurting people through providing home-based and hospital care, nutritional food support, help in administering medicine, spiritual counseling, and education about HIV and AIDS. The tireless work of our Care and Compassion staff is about bringing dignity to the lives of those who are often left to die because of their disease. If ever there was a time to share the hope of Christ, we believe it's in those moments when we hold the hand of a dying patient or help administer medicine to someone who is physically depleted. LEARN MORE>>

"Genesis Design will take you back, right to the beginning, to hear the voice of truth...the voice of God the Almighty Creator. Genesis tells us, in the first three chapters of the Bible, exactly how God created us. In turn, Genesis Design teaches us how to create a happy home that everybody longs for."

- Sylvia Holtzhausen, Genesis Design founder and creator

Genesis Design

Every day we are teaching our children that they are made in the image of their creator and because of that single truth, they have value. Genesis Design teaches the Biblical truths of manhood, womanhood, sexuality, and marriage. As a result, boys and girls will grow up know they are loved as children of their heavenly Father. Our hope is that they will do great things in the confidence of their Father's love and live lives that honor God with their mind, body, and spirit. LEARN MORE>>